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BACKGROUND Recent evidence suggests that the prevalence of postnatal depression (PND) is highest in low-income developing countries. This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of PND and its associated risk factors among Bangladeshi women. METHOD The study was conducted in the Matlab subdistrict of rural Bangladesh. A cohort of 346 women was followed up(More)
Kikuchi's disease (necrotising lymphadenitis) is characterised by cervical lymphadenopathy in young patients and may be mistaken for malignant disease both clinically and histologically. Microscopically, there is a varying degree of effacement of the lymph node architecture and necrosis with an infiltrate of "histiocytic" cells and absence of polymorphs.(More)
Silicone abrasion particles are known to cause inflammatory changes following Swanson arthroplasty. Titanium grommets were introduced to protect the implants from wear and abrasion. Two cases with histological evidence of symptomatic titanium particulate tissue inflammation following Swanson joint replacement with grommets are presented.
Three cases of angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia are reported at the site of tetanus toxoid vaccination. All presented as nodules on the upper arm, a known adverse effect of the vaccine following superficial inoculation. Histologically the nodules showed numerous small and medium sized vessels, some lined by hyperplastic endothelial cells with(More)
The light microscopical, histochemical and ultrastructural features of an unusual gastric tumour are presented. Microscopically, the neoplasm showed the features of both a conventional carcinoid tumour and of a mucin-producing adenocarcinoma. The ultrastructural demonstration of individual cells containing both endocrine granules and mucin globules supports(More)
Calcifying epitheliomas of Malherbe (pilomatrixomas) are benign calcifying tumours that arise from the hair matrix and present as a slow-growing dermal or subcutaneous mass most commonly located in the head and neck. Recurrences after tumour removal are rare. There have been reports in the past of invasive pilomatrixoma in the pre-auricular area (Krausen et(More)
This paper reports a prospective study to compare maximal tumour thickness values of the same lesion obtained by frozen and paraffin sections in 20 patients with malignant melanoma over a one-year period. Significant differences were found between tumour thickness values obtained by frozen section and paraffin section. There was no constant relationship(More)