Mohammad Hamed

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Contiguous allocation in multicomputers is useful for security and accounting reasons. In mesh-connected systems, it allocates each job an exclusive submesh of processors, and the allocated submesh has the same shape and size as that requested by the job. Because of this size and shape constraint, contiguous allocation typically suffers from high processor(More)
In clustering of remote sensing images by using conventional algorithms, not detects the boundaries of image properly. In this paper, an image clustering algorithm based on watershed algorithm and Gustafson-Kessel fuzzy clustering has been proposed. Initially, the watershed algorithm is used for segmentation of the image that is obtained of summing image(More)
Data on occupational radiation exposure using the thermoluminescence dosimetry methodology in Tanzania for the years 1996-2010 are analysed and discussed. The results of the analysis indicate that over 80 % of the total collective dose was from diagnostic radiology. In addition, <1 % of workers received annual individual doses above 5 mSv, and there were no(More)
Background and aim of the study: Spontaneous abortion represents a common pregnancy adverse outcome and is a serious emotional burden for women. Loss of pregnancy is a distressing problem for both the patient and physician. The clinical diagnosis of threatened abortion is presumed when any bloody vaginal discharge or bleeding appears during the first(More)
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