Mohammad Haeri

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Photoreceptors are compartmentalized neurons in which all proteins responsible for evoking visual signals are confined to the outer segment. Yet, the mechanisms responsible for establishing and maintaining photoreceptor compartmentalization are poorly understood. Here we investigated the targeting of two related membrane proteins, R9AP and syntaxin 3, one(More)
Mutations in rhodopsin cause retinitis pigmentosa in humans and retinal degeneration in a multitude of other animals. We utilized high-resolution live imaging of the large rod photoreceptors from transgenic frogs (Xenopus) to compare the properties of fluorescently tagged rhodopsin, Rho-EGFP, and Rho(P23H)-EGFP. The mutant was abnormally distributed both in(More)
This paper focuses on robust performance analysis of a closed loop fractional order system through a sensitivity approach. The characteristic ratio assignment method is selected to attain a desired closed loop transient response. Then, we compute the sensitivity of such a desired transfer function with respect to its characteristic ratio and we explore its(More)
In this paper, we discuss modeling issues of the Parkinson's tremor. Through the work we have employed physiological structure as well as functioning of the parts in brain that are involved in the disease. To obtain more practical similarity, random behaviors of the connection paths are also considered. Medication or treatment of the disease both by drug(More)