Mohammad H. Saraee

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BACKGROUND One of the best and most accurate methods for identifying disease-causing genes is monitoring gene expression values in different samples using microarray technology. One of the shortcomings of microarray data is that they provide a small quantity of samples with respect to the number of genes. This problem reduces the classification accuracy of(More)
Recommender systems are useful tools which provide an adaptive web environment for web users. Nowadays, having a user friendly website is a big challenge in e-commerce technology. In this paper, applying the benefits of both collaborative and content based filtering techniques is proposed by presenting a fuzzy recommender system based on collaborative(More)
—Mining informative patterns from databases is the historical task of data mining. But now, mining actionable patterns is becoming the new duty of data mining. Most of machine learning and data mining algorithms only focus on finding patterns and usually don't take any step for suggesting actions and users will be responsible for it. Therefore users will be(More)
In this paper a multi agent model for predicting monthly maximum and minimum quote prices has been proposed. This model is based on the training of Elman neural networks and using particle swarm optimization for obtaining the best parameters of the neural networks. Also one method for reducing the effects of overfitting problem is suggested. This method(More)
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