Mohammad H. Saleh

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The lack of second-line treatment for relapsed ovarian cancer necessitates the development of improved combination therapies. Targeted therapy and immunotherapy each confer clinical benefit, albeit limited as monotherapies. Ovarian cancer is not particularly responsive to immune checkpoint blockade, so combination with a complementary therapy may be(More)
Immunotherapy confers durable clinical benefit to melanoma, lung, and kidney cancer patients. Challengingly, most other solid tumors, including ovarian carcinoma, are not particularly responsive to immunotherapy, so combination with a complementary therapy may be beneficial. Recent findings suggest that epigenetic modifying drugs can prime antitumor(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed to determine the prevalence and correlates of obesity and hypertension (HTN) among students at a central university in the West Bank. MATERIALS AND METHODS This cross-sectional study targeted a cohort of 553 students (59.5% males, 40.5% females) aged 17-26 years (median = 21) from Al-Quds University. Body mass index (BMI) and blood(More)
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