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Voice Activity Detection (VAD) is a very important front end processing in all Speech and Audio processing applications. The performance of most if not all speech/audio processing methods is crucially dependent on the performance of Voice Activity Detection. An ideal voice activity detector needs to be independent from application area and noise condition(More)
High dimensional data increase the dimension of space and consequently the computational complexity and result in lower generalization. From these types of classification problems microarray data classification can be mentioned. Microarrays contain genetic and biological data which can be used to diagnose diseases including various types of cancers and(More)
In this paper a Voice Activity Detection approach is proposed which applies a voting algorithm to decide on the existence of speech in audio signal. For this purpose, the proposed approach uses three different short time features along with the pattern of spectral peaks of every frame. Spectral peaks pattern is appropriate for determining vowel sounds in(More)
This paper proposes an approach for gene selection in microarray data. The proposed approach consists of a primary filter approach using Fisher criterion which reduces the initial genes and hence the search space and time complexity. Then, a wrapper approach which is based on cellular learning automata (CLA) optimized with ant colony method (ACO) is used to(More)
In this paper an efficient implementation of speech to text converter for mobile application is presented. The prime motive of this work is to formulate a system which would give optimum performance in terms of complexity, accuracy, delay and memory requirements for mobile environment. The speech to text converter consists of two stages namely front-end(More)
The most common malware detection approaches which are based on signature matching and are not sufficient for metamorphic malware detection, since virus kits and metamorphic engines can produce variants with no resemblance to one another. Metamorphism provides an efficient way for eluding malware detection software kits. Code obfuscation methods like(More)
High dimensionality of microarray data sets may lead to low efficiency and overfitting. In this paper, a multiphase cooperative game theoretic feature selection approach is proposed for microarray data classification. In the first phase, due to high dimension of microarray data sets, the features are reduced using one of the two filter-based feature(More)
One of the most important phases of speaker indexing is speaker clustering which aims to find the number of speakers in a speech document and merge the speech segments corresponding to a single speaker. The most critical source of problem in speaker clustering is the speech segments duration which may be so short that proper segment modeling becomes hard to(More)
This paper proposes an integrated framework for speaker indexing which includes both speaker segmentation and speaker clustering. Speaker indexing systems has wide domains of application with different requirements which make a general speaker indexing framework hard to accomplish. The main source of performance degradation in speaker indexing is the(More)