Mohammad H. Kurdi

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This paper investigates two different temporal finite element techniques, a multiple element (h-version) and single element (p-version) method, to analyze the stability of a system with a time-periodic coefficient and a time delay. The representative problem, known as the delayed damped Mathieu equation, is chosen to illustrate the combined effect of a time(More)
Accurate numerical prediction of flutter boundary for fighter aircraft is of great importance. Existing models are deterministic, and do not allow for inherent variations in the system parameters. These variations (e.g. structural dimensions, aerodynamic flow field, stores properties) propagate to uncertainty in the model predictions. In this paper we(More)
In this paper, the spectral element (SE) method is applied in time to find the entire time-periodic or transient solution of time-dependent differential equations. The time-periodic solution is computed by enforcing periodicity of the element set. Of particular interest are periodic forcing functions possessing high frequency content. To maintain the(More)
Milling models provide tools for estimating stability and surface location error. Existing models are deterministic, though inherent variations in the model inputs propagate to uncertainty in the model outputs. In this paper the experimental procedures used to estimate the model parameters are presented. The effect of correlation between parameters is(More)
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