Mohammad H. Baziar

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Millions of financial losses and thousands of people which die are due to earthquakes that happen every now and then in all corners of the world. Safety against the hazards of earthquake relates to two basic factors: safety of the structure and site. Site's conditions play an important role in damages of structures. This factor has a geotechnical cause and(More)
In many civil engineering practices like design of landfills, earth dams, pavements and agricultural issues, it is necessary to know the permeability coefficient of soils. In situ tests are frequently used to predict permeability of the soil. On the other hand, high ability of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) in prediction of nonlinear behavior has(More)
Let M be an R-module and 0 6= f ∈ M∗ = Hom(M, R). The graph Γf (M) is a graph with vertices Z f (M) = {x ∈ M \ {0} | xf(y) = 0 or yf(x) = 0 for some non-zero y ∈ M}, in which non-zero elements x and y are adjacent provided that xf(y) = 0 or yf(x) = 0, which introduced and studied in [3]. In this paper we associate an undirected submodule based graph ΓfN (M)(More)
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