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Recommended by Lawrence Yeung We consider joint optimization of data routing and resource allocation in multicast multihop wireless networks where interference between links is taken into account. The use of network coding in such scenarios leads to a nonconvex optimization problem. By applying the probability collectives (PCs) technique the original(More)
In this paper, we propose a new analytical model in order to evaluate the throughput of a wireless tandem network coding. Our analytical model is based on a multi-class open queueing network. In this model, we include two basic processes of network coding, i.e., packets combination and packets multicasting, in a suitable way considering the constraints of(More)
This paper presents an analytical study of the stable throughput for multiple broadcast sessions in a multi-hop wireless tandem network with random access. Intermediate nodes leverage on the broadcast nature of wireless medium access to perform inter-session network coding among different flows. This problem is challenging due to the interaction among(More)
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