Mohammad Ghalambaz

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Fluid flow and heat transfer of vertical full cone embedded in porous media is studied in this paper. Nonlinear differential equation arising from similarity solution of inverted cone (subjected to wall temperature boundary conditions) embedded in porous medium is solved using a hybrid neural networkparticle swarm optimization method. To aim this purpose, a(More)
The free convection heat transfer of Cu-water nanofluids in a parallelogrammic enclosure filled with porous media is numerically analyzed. The bottom and top of the enclosure are insulated while the sidewalls are subject to limited temperature difference. The Darcy flow and the Tiwari and Das' nanofluid models are considered. The governing dimensionless(More)
In this paper, theAdomiandecompositionmethod and Padé approximants are integrated to study thedeflection andpull-in instability of nanocantilever electromechanical switches. In a distributed parameter model, intermolecular forces, including Casimir forces, are taken into account considering their range of application. A closed form power series solution(More)
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