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Amphiphilic substances may stimulate cellular events through direct activation of G-proteins. The present experiments indicate that several amphiphilic sweeteners and the bitter tastant, quinine, activate transducin and Gi/Go-proteins. Concentrations of taste substances required to activate G-proteins in vitro correlated with those used to elicit taste.(More)
4-Aminobiphenyl (4-ABP), an aromatic amine is a major environmental carcinogen found mainly in cigarette smoke. It has been vastly implicated in mutagenesis and cancer development. In this study, commercially available human placental DNA was exposed to 4-ABP (1.3 mM) in presence of sodium nitroprusside (SNP; 8 mM) at 37°C for 3 h. The 4-ABP + SNP-mediated(More)
60 rats were divided into one control and 2 test groups of 20 male animals in each. Brains from control animals were taken out immediately after killing, and in the test groups (I and II) after brain cell damage by controlled autolysis at 37 degrees C for 6 and 18 h, respectively. Ten animal brains from each group were used for estimation of RNA content.(More)
To study the effects of acute ligation of the left renal vein an experimental study was carried out on 16 Mongrel dogs out of 18 of which 2 had died postoperatively. The right kidney served as control. Changes immediately after ligation were recorded; subsequently the dogs were sacrificed in 4 groups comprising 4 in each at intervals of 24 hours, one week,(More)
Pilomatrixoma of the eyelid is extremely rare in middle age and rarely develops into a large tumor. A 45-year-old female developed a painless, progressive swelling (3.0 cm x 2.0 cm) of the left upper eyelid over a period of two years. Overlying skin was normal in color and texture. A differential diagnosis of dermoid, epidermoid cyst, chalazion and basal(More)
Fifty patients having psoriasis were studied with a view to assess and comparc the efficacy of PUVASOL (oral psoralin with ultraviolet/sun-ray exposure) therapy with that of the, combined regime of PUVASOL and a topical. cream containing, urea coal- trar, dithranol salicylic acid and Th. two forms of therapy were m-25 patients each, and observations were(More)
Development of perilobular hepatic fibrosis in rabbits after experimental ligation of the common bile duct was studied by microscopy. Twelve hours after the ligation, the lobular boundaries assumed prominence by appearance of row(s) of congested sinusoids around the distended perilobular canals of Hering. Seven days later, the lobular laminae limitans(More)
The present study is aimed at investigating the impact of mentoring on intention to stay of Gen Y employees working in Indian IT industry. Also, the mediating roles of perceived organization support and affective commitment are examined. Primary data were collected from a sample of 314 Gen Y employees (born between 1980-2000) from IT industry in Delhi, NCR(More)