Mohammad Fal Sadikin

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The raise of smart RFID technology (i.e. sensor integration to RFID system) has introduced various advantages in the context of location awareness applications, reaching from low cost implementation and maintenance, to its flexibility to support large-scale system. Nevertheless, the use of such technology introduces tremendous security and privacy issues(More)
IEEE 802 Wireless Indoor Positioning (WIP) techniques (i.e. Received Signal Strengths, Time of Arrival and Angle of arrival) have emerged as prominent solution for various applications in indoor environment. Nevertheless, such positioning techniques introduce tremendous problem in term of security and privacy issues. On the other hand, the enforcement of(More)
The emerging active RFID technology over low-rate wireless IEEE 802.15.4 has become promising standard for large-scale tracking applications. Nevertheless, using of such technology introduces tremendous problems in security and privacy. By taking in to account, the nature of common RFID communication is not mutually authenticated, the RFID system is(More)
Due to low-cost and its practical solution, the integration of RFID tag to the sensor node called smart RFID has become prominent solution in various fields including industrial applications. Nevertheless, the constrained nature of smart RFID system introduces tremendous security and privacy problem. One of them is the problem in key management system.(More)
Services residing within the application layer in today's fixed and mobile Next-Generation-Networks (NGN) environments are abstracting from the underlying network layer and therefore assuming pure IP connectivity without taking in-network services as Quality-of-Service (QoS) guarantees, routing decisions, etc. into consideration. Real-time services(More)
Multilevel inverters are emerging as a new breed of power converter options for power system applications. Recent advances in power switching devices enabled the suitability of multilevel inverters for high voltage and high power applications because they are connecting several devices in series without the need of component matching. Usually, a(More)
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