Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi

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BACKGROUND Unsupervised lung segmentation method is one of the mandatory processes in order to develop a Content Based Medical Image Retrieval System (CBMIRS) of CXR. The purpose of the study is to present a robust solution for lung segmentation of standard and mobile chest radiographs using fully automated unsupervised method. METHODS The novel method is(More)
Malaysia has been recognized as one of the twelve nations endowed with rich biodiversity. Such huge number of species in the rain forest and sea are an important asset that need to be properly documented. Responding to these important needs, we have designed and evaluated a content based image retrieval system catered for marine life images. This paper(More)
Digital image watermarking is frequently used for many purposes, such as image authentication, fingerprinting, copyright protection, and tamper proofing. Imperceptibility and robustness are the watermark requirements of good watermarks. In this paper, we propose the Fast Walsh Hadamard transform (FWHT) combined with the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) as a(More)
Research on Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) has become popular as it offers solutions to overcome or complement the drawbacks of Text Based Image Retrieval (TBIR). In CBIR, feature extraction and feature matching are two critical processes, which are of high importance to the retrieval performance of the system. This paper introduces a new approach to(More)
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