Mohammad Eldesouki

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New simple methods are described for the determination of chloramphenicol and its esters in pure powders, suppositories, injections, eye-drops, capsules and oral suspensions. These are based on reduction with cadmium metal whereby 6 equivalents of cadmium ions per mole and the corresponding amino-derivative are released. Four portions of the reduction(More)
Further analysis and experimentation is carried out in this paper for a chaotic dynamic model, viz. the Nonlinear Dynamic State neuron (NDS). The analysis and experimentations are performed to further understand the underlying dynamics of the model and enhance it as well. Chaos provides many interesting properties that can be exploited to achieve(More)
Potentiometric and atomic absorption spectrometric (AAS) methods are described for the determination of various sulfonamides in tablets, suspensions, and injections, based on reactions with silver and copper ions. The methods involve direct titration at pH 8, using either a graphite electrode in which silver and copper sulfides have been precipitated, or(More)
Simple, rapid, and accurate methods have been developed for determining vitamin B1 in pharmaceutical preparations without prior separation of the vitamin. The methods are based on the desulfurization reaction with potassium plumbite and measurement of the unreacted lead(II) ions at 217 nm using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), or by titration with EDTA(More)
A new, simple, accurate and rapid method is described for the determination of total penicillins in pharmaceutical preparations. The method is based on desulphurization with potassium plumbite whereby one mole of lead sulphide is formed per mole of penicillin. The excess of lead ions is titrated with EDTA at pH 4.5, with use of the lead ion-selective(More)
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