Mohammad Eghbali Teimouri

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This study examined the factors influencing consumers’ perception of online shopping anddeveloped a causal model that explains how this perception affects their online-shopping behavior. A sample of 100 people from the Kuala Lumpur was conveniently selected to respond to a structural questionnaire. Research found that factors like, trust, customer service,(More)
The contest of cancer couldn't be completed without novel drug with novel modes of action, improved efficacy and acceptable pharmacokinetic properties. Transcription factors are attractive targets to develop anti-cancerous drugs. 6-Gingerol, Anethol analogues, Capsaicinoids, Curcumin, Dibenzoylmethane, Diosgenin, Eugenol, Gambogic acid, Thymoquinone,(More)
Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a human pathogen associated with acute gastritis and peptic ulcer. The MurA enzyme is an important drug target for the identification of ligands with improved efficacy and acceptable pharmaco-kinetic properties. We developed a homology model of H. Pylori MurA followed by refinement and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations.(More)
Fullerene (C60) is a unique carbon molecule that adopts a sphere shape. It has been proved that fullerene and some of its derivatives several disease targets. Fullerene itself is insoluble in water. So, fullerene application is hindered in medical field. In this study, a literature search was performed and all derivatives were collected. The fullerene(More)
In this study, the aerial parts of Pimpinella puberula were collected from Ramhormoz and Mashhad (Khuzestan and Khorasan Provinces) at the vegetative, flowering and seeding stages. Essential oils from the whole aerial parts as well as stem/leaf, inflorescence, unripe and ripe seeds, were isolated by hydro-distillation. The yields of essential oil obtained(More)
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