Mohammad EbrahimShiri Ahmadabadi

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Efficient methods for in vitro propagation, regeneration, and transformation of plants are of pivotal importance to both basic and applied research. While being the world’s major food crops, cereals are among the most difficult-to-handle plants in tissue culture which severely limits genetic engineering approaches. In maize, immature zygotic embryos provide(More)
BACKGROUND A highly efficient genetic transformation system is essential for a successful genetic manipulation of the African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha Wendl.). OBJECTIVES Developing a particle bombardment-based genetic transformation system for the African violet. MATERIALS AND METHODS A local cultivar of the African violet from Guilan province was(More)
One of the main ways of controlling accesses and developing security in cybernetics in order to protect information is recognizing and confirming individuals’ identity. Compared with other biometric methods, recognizing people through their voices is economical since it needs no special expensive equipment. Classifier, as one main part of speaker(More)
We have investigated several factors determining plastid size and number in Peperomia, a genus in the Piperaceae family whose species naturally display great interspecific variation in chloroplast size and number per cell. Using microscopic techniques, we show that chloroplast size and number are differently regulated in the palisade parenchyma and the(More)
in the world that occurs when the body fails to process sugar correctly, largely because of inadequate insulin production. At present, insulin injection is the most prominent method for adequate insulin replacement. Unfortunately, pain and discomfort condition of the self-injection system leads to inaccurate injection of insulin. To solve such problems,(More)
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