Mohammad Ebadi

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Keywords: Artificial neural network Imperialist competitive optimization Oil flow rate Fuzzy logic Hybrid Evolutionary algorithms a b s t r a c t Multiphase flow meters (MPFMs) are utilized to provide quick and accurate well test data in numerous numbers of oil production applications like those in remote or unmanned locations topside exploitations that(More)
The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how Fuzzy Decision Tree (FDT), which is an automatic method of generating fuzzy rules, can predict the flow rate, as a vital parameter in order to design the necessary wellhead production facilities, of an under saturated Iranian petroleum reservoir. Because of the special thermo dynamical conditions of the(More)
Condensate-togas ratio (CGR) plays a significant role in sales potential assessment of both gas and liquid, design of the required surface processing facilities, and reservoir characterization and modeling in gas-condensate reservoirs. Precise field and laboratory determination of the CGR is time and people intensive. Developing a rapid and inexpensive(More)
Accurate knowledge of true digestible amino acid (TDAA) contents of feedstuffs is necessary to accurately formulate poultry diets for profitable production. Several experimental approaches that are highly expensive and time consuming have been used to determine available amino acids. Prediction of the nutritive value of a feed ingredient from its chemical(More)
Sorghum grain is an important ingredient in poultry diets. The TMEn content of sorghum grain is a measure of its quality. As for the other feed ingredients, the biological procedure used to determine the TMEn value of sorghum grain is costly and time consuming. Therefore, it is necessary to find an alternative method to accurately estimate the TMEn content.(More)
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