Mohammad Dehghani

Mohammad Hadi Nouraei2
Abolghasem Zarezadeh2
Hamidreza Shemshaki2
2Mohammad Hadi Nouraei
2Abolghasem Zarezadeh
2Hamidreza Shemshaki
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The aim of this study was to compare two surgery methods including radial shortening and radial shortening combined with vascularized bone graft for treatment of stage II or IIIa of Kienböck's disease. It is a randomized, controlled clinical trial, which was carried out in 2011-2013. Twenty-four patients were assigned equally to radial shortening group (A)(More)
BACKGROUND Anterior shoulder dislocation is the most common major joint dislocation. In patients with recurrent shoulder dislocation, surgical intervention is necessary. In this study, two methods of treatment, Bankart arthroscopic method and open Bristow procedure, were compared. MATERIALS AND METHODS This clinical trial survey had been done in the(More)
BACKGROUND Fractures of distal radius are one of the most common fractures seen by physicians and account for 20% of all fractures seen in the emergency room. Various factors contribute in secondary displacement of fracture fragments after anatomic or near anatomic close reduction and cast immobilization in distal radius fractures. This study was designed(More)
BACKGROUND Compressive neuropathy of median nerve is relatively common but development of an hourglass like constriction is a rare phenomenon. The purpose of this study is to show morphologic changes of median nerve in advances carpal tunnel syndrome. METHODS Eighty patients with thenar atrophy, anesthesia and paresthesia of first, second and third finger(More)
BACKGROUND Injuries in hands and forearms may cause significant discomfort and disability. AIM To evaluate the accuracy of preoperative clinical examination in depicting lesions caused by penetrating wounds of hands or forearms. SETTING AND DESIGN This prospective study was conducted from August 2006 to September 2009 at Kashani University Hospital,(More)