Mohammad Chehreghani Bozchalui

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This paper presents mathematical optimization models of residential energy hubs which can be readily incorporated into automated decision making technologies in Smart Grids, and can be solved efficiently in a real-time frame to optimally control all major residential energy loads, storage and production components while properly considering the customer(More)
The large scale penetration of electric vehicles (EVs) will introduce technical challenges to the distribution grid, but also carries the potential for vehicle-to-grid services. Namely, if available in large enough numbers, EVs can be used as a distributed energy resource (DER) and their presence can influence optimal DER investment and scheduling decisions(More)
The confluence of several developments has created an opportune moment for energy system modernization. In the past decade, smart grids have attracted many research activities in different domains. To realize the next generation of smart grids, we must have a comprehensive understanding of interdependent networks and processes. Next-generation energy(More)
Abstract—This paper presents a novel framework for stochastic optimal operation of Energy Storage (ES) systems in coordination with Renewable Energy Resources (RERs) in threephase unbalanced distribution systems. An efficient three-phase unbalanced Distribution Optimal Power Flow (DOPF) is formulated that can be used for both radial and meshed networks.(More)
Ushered by recent developments in various areas of science and technology, modern energy systems are going to be an inevitable part of our societies. Smart grids are one of these modern systems that have attracted many research activities in recent years. Before utilizing the next generation of smart grids, we should have a comprehensive understanding of(More)
This paper presents mathematical optimization models of produce storage facilities to optimize the operation of their energy systems in the context of Smart Grids. In the storage facilities, climate control of the storage rooms consumes considerable energy; thus, in this paper, a mathematical model of storage facilities appropriate for their optimal(More)
Distribution system state estimation (DSSE) is an essential tool for operation of distribution networks, the results of which enables the operator to have a thorough observation of the system. Thus, most distribution management systems (DMS) include a single-phase state estimator. However, single-phase state estimation is not able to address the unbalanced(More)
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