Mohammad Behnia

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This paper provides a review of some of the issues currently facing thermal designers of high power electronics. With the current market resistance to widely embrace advanced methods such as liquid cooling, air cooling will continue to be a popular choice (K. Azar, 8th THERMINIC workshop, 2002). As heat loads increase and system sizes reduce, further(More)
The behavior of evaporating small diameter jets in a low-pressure environment is studied experimentally. Charged coupled device (CCD) cameras connected to a computerized data logging system are employed for high-speed imaging. Experiments at different jet velocities and environmental pressures have been performed with pure ether and ethanol, and also the(More)
The Internet provides its users with a wide variety of resources. However, the huge volume of data makes finding relevant data a difficult task for the users. By using item filtering algorithms, the recommendation systems can effectively offer several items similar to what users search for. However, most of the existing algorithms do not consider the impact(More)
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