Mohammad Bagher Javanbarg

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This paper presents a fuzzy optimization model to solve multicriteria decision making (MCDM) systems based on a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (fuzzy AHP). To deal with the imprecise judgments of decision makers, a fuzzy AHP decision making model is proposed as an evaluation tool, where the expert's comparison judgments are translated into fuzzy numbers.(More)
Disclaimer The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the study sponsor(s) ii iii ABSTRACT Ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs) relate a ground-motion parameter (e.g., peak ground acceleration, PGA) to a set of explanatory variables(More)
Disaster-induced damage and disruption to lifeline systems cause a variety of impacts, ranging from direct effects, such as physical damage and service supply interruption, to indirect impacts, such as forced relocation of community residents, threats to ongoing social and economic activity, and delays in the disaster recovery process. Recently, lifeline(More)
Ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs) relate ground-motion intensity measures to variables describing earthquake source, path, and site effects. We select from many available GMPEs those models recommended for use in seismic hazard assessments in the Global Earthquake Model. We present a GMPE selection procedure that evaluates multi-dimensional ground(More)
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