Mohammad Baghbani

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INTRODUCTION Muscle atrophy, spasticity, and deformity are among long term complication of spinal cord injury (SCI) veterans. There are numerous studies evaluating effect of functional electrical stimulation on muscle properties of SCI people, but less research has focused on the benefits of passive cycling in the management of spasticity and improving ROM(More)
The study of the palmar cutaneous branch of median nerve (PCBMN) was down in the Shohada hospital from september 1st 2002 to june 1st 2004. One hundred fifty healthy adult, 65 men and 85 women, with mean age of 36 year were studied by antidromic stimulation of median nerve 10 cm from the surface recording over the midthenar eminence. The nerve maybe injured(More)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the entrapment of Median nerve at wrist. Pregnancy can affect prevalence and severity of CTS. In this study frequency and severity of CTS in pregnancy was evaluated. In this study 100 pregnant women were evaluated by Hand symptoms, CTS provocation tests (Tinel and Phalen) and for definite diagnosis of CTS standard EDX studies(More)
Auto-evisceration is a severe form of self-mutilation. The majority of cases consist of middle-aged male psychiatric patients with a history of depression, schizophrenia or drug abuse. Here we describe a case of right-sided auto-evisceration by a 72-year-old schizophrenic patient who has been living in a psychiatric institute since she was diagnosed 33(More)
For comparing distal and proximal techniques. To obtain saphenous nerve sensory response, 102 healthy subjects with mean age 43.1 years and mean Body Mass Index (BMI) 25.3 were studied. Both techniques performed by using surface electrodes. In distal technique recording site was anterior to medial malleolus and stimulator 14 cm proximal to it. In proximal(More)
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