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—The advent of wideband systems, e.g., software defined radios, cognitive radios and UWB technology, motivates research for new transceiver architectures and circuit topologies to arrive at compact and low power solutions. Reference frequency generation in wideband CMOS receivers is usually power and area hungry. In this paper a wide band quadrature(More)
Receiver ICs realized in CMOS technology leverage the narrowband nature of wireless standards to meet specifications at low power levels. The advent of wideband systems, e.g. software-defined radios and UWB technology, is determining new emphasis on innovative techniques for key RF circuit blocks, and on synthesizers in particular [1-4].(More)
An ultra-low-voltage low-power high-speed class-AB operational amplifier with a new structure is presented. A new technique called "Slew Boost" is introduced to improve amplifier's large-signal settling behavior, most useful in switched-capacitor circuits such as pipelined ADCs, sigma delta modulators, etc. The proposed op-amp has been designed to be(More)