Mohammad Aziz Rasouli

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An analytical approach for a dynamic cyber-security problem that captures progressive attacks to a computer network is presented. We formulate the dynamic security problem from the defender's point of view as a supervisory control problem with imperfect information, mod-eling the computer network's operation by a discrete event system. We consider a min-max(More)
— In the restructured electricity industry, electricity pooling markets are an oligopoly with strategic producers possessing private information (private production cost function). We focus on pooling markets where aggregate demand is represented by a non-strategic agent. We consider demand to be elastic. We propose a market mechanism that has the following(More)
The defense of computer networks from intruders is becoming a problem of great importance as networks and devices become increasingly connected. We develop an automated approach to defending a network against continuous attacks from intruders, using the notion of Bayesian attack graphs to describe how attackers combine and exploit system vulnerabilities in(More)
BACKGROUND Although the national guidelines recommend special antibiotics, based on the antibiogram of National Reference Laboratory, it seems that, because of uncontrolled usage of antibiotics in the society and due to the changes in the serotypes causing the disease, it is essential to monitor the status of drug resistance, permanently, and to revise the(More)
The labels mathematician, engineer, and physicist have all been used in reference to Balthazar van der Pol. The van der Pol oscillator, which we study in this paper, is a model developed by him to describe the behavior of nonlinear vacuum tube circuits in the relatively early days of the development of electronics technology. Our study in this paper will be(More)
OBJECTIVES A total of 229 confirmed cholera cases were reported in Alborz Province during an outbreak that lasted from June 2011 to August 2011. This study aimed to identify potential sources of transmission in order to determine suitable interventions in similar outbreaks. In other words, the lessons learned from this retrospective study can be utilized to(More)
System Dynamics' (SD) main aim is to study dynamic behavior of systems based on causal relations. The other purpose of the science is to design policies, both in initial values and causal relation, to change system behavior as we desire. Especially we are interested in making system's behavior a convergent one. Although now SD is mainly used in situations(More)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) survival varies at individual and geographically level. This population-based study aimed to evaluating various factors affecting the survival rate of CRC patients in Kurdistan province.In a retrospective cohort study, patients diagnosed as CRC were collected through a population-based study from March 1, 2009 to 2014. The data were(More)