Mohammad Aslam

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From 300 stool samples, 58 Campylobacter strains were isolated by standard microbiological and biochemical methods. Of these, 40 strains were identified as Campylobacter jejuni and 5 as Campylobacter coli. The presence of flaA (100%), cadF (100%), racR (100%), dnaJ (100%), pldA (100%), ciaB (95%), virB11 (0%), ceuE (82.5%), cdtA (97.5%), cdtB (97.5%), cdtC(More)
Our objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of a low dietary cation-anion balance (DCAB) in preventing milk fever and udder edema in dry cows consuming a high-Ca diet and to evaluate the effect of this diet on calves delivered by these cows. Seventy primiparous or multiparous cows and 50 pregnant heifers were offered alfalfa hay-based diets beginning 4(More)
Suppression subtraction hybridization (SSH) libraries were constructed from RNA isolated from leaves of control and cold stress-induced Lepidium latifolium, a cold-tolerant plant species from high altitudes for isolation of cold-responsive genes. A total of 500 clones were obtained from the cold stress library. Dot blot expression analysis identified 157(More)
The AP2/ERF family is one of the largest transcription factor gene families that are involved in various plant processes, especially in response to biotic and abiotic stresses. Complete genome sequences of one of the world’s most important pulse crops chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.), has provided an important opportunity to identify and characterize(More)
Sixteen multiparous pregnant cows (14 Holsteins and 2 Jerseys) were arranged in a randomized complete block design and assigned to intramammary infusion of Ca (8 cows) or intramammary infusion of distilled, deionized water (8 cows). Beginning 1 wk before expected calving, plasma Ca concentration was monitored daily until calving. Immediately after the first(More)
Most developing countries do not comprehensively address chronic diseases as part of their health agendas because of lack of resources, limited capacity within the health system, and the threat that the institution of national-level programs will weaken local health systems and compete with other health issues. An integrated partnership-based approach,(More)
The efficacy of an Escherichia coli J5 bacterin for reducing the incidence of intramammary infections and clinical signs of mastitis was tested in first lactation heifers. Ten primigravid heifers were immunized with an E. coli J5 bacterin. Four heifers received a placebo. The bacterin and placebo were injected subcutaneously approximately 60 d prior to(More)
Bone marrow transplant (BMT) recipients are prone to bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection can occur in these patients, but the incidence is lower than that of other infections. This report describes four patients with Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection identified from 641 adult patients who received a BMT over a(More)
The serum and milk immunoglobulin (Ig) G responses of lactating dairy cows were determined following immunization with ferric enterobactin receptor FepA. Escherichia coli 471 was cultured in iron-depleted medium, and outer membrane proteins were extracted by 2% N-lauroylsarcosine sodium salt and 2% Triton X-100. The FepA was isolated from the outer membrane(More)