Mohammad Asif A. Khan

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Major dengue epidemics have been observed in the Indian subcontinent since the 1980s and have occurred with increased hospitalizations and mortality. In 2011, the first major epidemic of dengue occurred in Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan, and resulted in 21,685 confirmed cases and 350 deaths. To investigate the possible viral causes for the(More)
Code cloning is a common programming practice, and there have been a considerable amount of research that investigated the implications of code clones on software maintenance using static analysis. However, little has been done to investigate the runtime implications of code cloning. In this paper we investigate source code clones at runtime, referring to(More)
OBJECTIVES Dengue represents one of the most serious life-threatening vector-borne infectious diseases that afflicts approximately 50 million people across the globe annually. Whilst symptomatic infections are frequently reported, asymptomatic dengue remains largely unnoticed. Therefore, we sought to investigate the immune correlates conferring protection(More)
The concept of energy sustainability has been recently introduced in complex cyber-physical systems innovation studies. Previous empirical studies have only focused on the coordination of systems in a large system, but less research has been done on energy efficiency and management towards sustainability. We argue that in terms of energy consumption, a(More)
There is always demand for high performance single chip microprocessor. In this regard microprocessor's manufacturers have worked hard and have gone through different techniques like increasing its clock speed, cache size, cores and hyper threading. But for past few years the designer have realized that all these techniques are insignificant until(More)
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