Mohammad Ashfaq Ali

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A case of an overdose of colchicine for suicidal purposes is presented. The main complications observed involved the hematopoietic, the gastrointestinal, the respiratory and the central nervous system. Heinz bodies were noticed in the red blood cells, a finding which had not been previously documented in patients with colchicine overdose. Despite intensive(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify predictors of fertilization rate in patients of unexplained infertility after intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). METHODS Retrospective analysis of females (282) enrolled in quasi experimental design for ICSI at "Islamabad Clinic Serving Infertile Couples" was carried out from July 2013 till June 2014. Females with unexplained(More)
A case of preleukaemia with marked reticulocytosis and a slightly reduced red cell 51Cr survival is presented. An in vitro 'reticulocyte survival' test suggested that the apparent reticulocytosis was due to delayed maturation of reticulocytes. The globin synthesis ratio suggested an abnormal ribonucleic acid. At autopsy, in addition to the findings of acute(More)
Starch gel electrophoresis was used to screen for intravascular haemolysis in 15 patients with clinical disorders known to be characterized by intravascular haemolysis. Decreased serum haptoglobins, increased free plasma haemoglobin and the presence of methaemalbumin was documented in all 15 patients. It is suggested that starch gel electrophoresis and(More)
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