Mohammad Arifur Rahman

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Human affect elicited by static color slides was evaluated quantitatively using dimensional (N = 60 subjects) and differential or categorical (N = 57) self report, and facial electromyography (N = 20). Mean dimensional self reports of affective responses were highly replicable across cohorts. Mean categorical response profiles over seven affective(More)
Alumina was synthesized via sol-gel technique by the hydrolysis of aluminium ion controlled by urea in aque-ous media. The resulting sol composed of Al(OH) 3 particles coalesced and became a transparent gel. The freshly prepared gel was heated at 280°C to obtain alumina particles. The obtained particles were found to be amorphous-alumina particles with high(More)
Gas assisted atomization is becoming increasingly important in many industrial applications such as physical, chemical and petroleum processes. In order to achieve proper atomization it is crucial to have proper mixing of gas (air) and liquid (water) in the feeding conduit before it enters into the nozzle. The flow regime, as well as the flow pattern and(More)
The Pachmarhi Array ofČerenkov Telescopes consists of a distributed array of 25 telescopes that are used to sample the atmospherič Cerenkov Photon showers. Each telescope consists of 7 parabolic mirrors each viewed by a single photo-multiplier tube. Reconstruction of photon showers are carried out using fast timing information on the arrival of pulses at(More)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) categorized as persistent organic pollutants (POPs). PAHs are ubiquitous in terrestrial, atmospheric, and particularly aquatic environments throughout the world and have been detected in lakes, ground waters, and rivers. This research work involved the analysis of five PAHs,(More)
This paper describes the design, fabrication and characterization of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) based piezoelectric energy harvester that scavenges energy from the movement of human limbs. It investigates the effect of a piezolaminated curvilinear shell structure on the power density of a wearable energy harvester through Finite Element Method (FEM) and(More)
We study the propagation ofČerenkov photons generated by Very High Energy γ−rays and hadrons in the atmosphere. The photon production height distributions are estimated from semi-empirical methods and compared with those derived by standard simulation techniques. Incident spectra at various observation altitudes are then derived after applying wavelength(More)
Pond fish culture can become an important element of income generation activities in rural development programs. A survey was performed at Kotalipara upazila, Gopalganj to analyze fish culture system especially culture methods, stocking density, feeding and relative profitability during April to September 2008. It was observed that 64% of the total farmers(More)
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