Mohammad Arif Ul Alam

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We describe the effects of the overexpression of noggin, a bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) inhibitor, on osteoblast differentiation and bone formation. Cells of the osteoblast and chondrocyte lineages, as well as bone marrow macrophages, showed intense beta-gal histo- or cytostaining in adult noggin+/- mice that had a LacZ transgene inserted at the site of(More)
INTRODUCTION Connecting patients admitted with asthma to community-based services could improve care and more efficiently allocate resources. We sought to develop and evaluate an intervention to mitigate in-home environmental hazards (eg, pests, mold) for such children. METHODS This was a controlled, quality improvement study on the inpatient units of an(More)
To promote independent living for elderly population activity recognition based approaches have been investigated deeply to infer the activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (I-ADLs). Deriving and integrating the gestural activities (such as talking, coughing, and deglutition etc.) along with activity recognition(More)
We propose CACE (Constraints And Correlations mining Engine) which investigates the challenges of improving the recognition of complex daily activities in multi-inhabitant smart homes, by better exploiting the spatiotemporal relationships across the activities of different individuals. We first propose and develop a loosely-coupled Hierarchical Dynamic(More)
Human activity recognition using multi-modal sensing technologies to automatically collect and classify daily activities has become an active field of research. Given the proliferation of smart and wearable devices and their greater acceptance in human lives, the need for developing real time lightweight activity recognition algorithms become a viable and(More)
In the intensive care unit, mechanical ventilation is a life-saving procedure, and as many as 90% of patients require the intervention. For a mechanically ventilated patient, the principal goal of a health care team is to free the patient from mechanical ventilation through weaning as soon as possible. Weaning, however, still is mostly a manual process. To(More)
As computing devices continue to become more heavily integrated into our lives, proper design of human-computer interfaces becomes a more important topic of discussion. Efficient and useful human-computer interfaces need to take into account the abilities of the humans who will be using such interfaces, and adapt to difficulties that different users may(More)
The authors implemented and assessed the effectiveness of a public health initiative aimed at reducing traffic-related air pollution exposure of the school community at four Cincinnati public schools. A partnership was fostered with academic environmental health researchers and community members. Anti-idling campaign materials were developed and education(More)
The research project described in this article was undertaken to establish baseline information for a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) project of Interstate 75 road construction in Cincinnati, Ohio. The objective of the authors' study was to evaluate the concentrations of elemental and organic carbon (EC and OC), as well as characterize particle number(More)