Mohammad Arif Hossain

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This paper presents a modulation scheme in the time domain based on On-Off-Keying and proposes various compatible supports for different types of image sensors. The content of this article is a sub-proposal to the IEEE 802.15.7r1 Task Group (TG7r1) aimed at Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) using an image sensor as the receiver. The compatibility support(More)
Digital signage (DS) has become a phraseology for recent technology, is gaining massive acceptance to the technology-dependent world. Though the development of DS includes the essence of advertisement purposes, the fusion strategy makes it promising for communication technology. This paper demonstrates a Symbiotic Digital Signage (SDS) system in which one(More)
MIMO is popular technique which can improve the reliability and spectral efficiency of RF communication system by using the spatial link dimensions. It is also an attractive option solution for achieving high data rate. Optical Camera Communication (OCC) is considered for revision specification of visible light communication standard. One of the most(More)
Image sensor communication (ISC) has become more imperative for the technology lover by virtue of the development of image sensors in the camera. Lately, Digital signage technology has become one of the most flourished industry for ISC technology as it has uncovered a lot of opportunities such as interactivity, dynamic content provisioning and so on.(More)
This paper presents an investigation into the comparative performance of intelligent system identification and control algorithms within the framework of an active vibration control (AVC) system. Evolutionary Genetic algorithms (GAs) and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference system (ANFIS) algorithms are used to develop mechanisms of an AVC system, where the(More)
Intention for using color in image sensor communication (ISC) has become trendy issue due to its specific limitations. This paper suggests a color transmission technology to minimize the blur effects in the ISC. We propose an asynchronous communication using display as a transmitter and rolling shutter camera as a receiver to measure the blur effect. The(More)
This paper shows a layout for a newly proposed hybrid modulation scheme for image sensor communication, especially for indoor image sensor communication using smartphone and LEDs. The proposed system infers compatibility support for frame rate variation too whereas the compatibility is performed by inserting asynchronous data bit with the original data bit.(More)
When an object projected on a camera, the shape of the projected object image is governed by the relative position and orientation between object and camera. On the other hand, object radiance, viewing angle and distance at the time of taking picture determine the image brightness of an object. So radiometry and geometry both have an important role to(More)