Mohammad Aminur Rahman Shah

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The Sundarbans Reserve Forest, the world's largest mangroves covering 6000 km 2 in Bangladesh, provides a variety of ecosystem services. The real contribution of the Sundarbans Reserve Forest to the national economy has not been evaluated so far. This study aims to provide an economic estimation of the provisioning and cultural services of the Sundarbans.(More)
Abductor digiti minimi transfer was used to restore opposition in 20 patients, the majority suffering from congenital anomalies of the hand. The transfer was shown to be effective in restoring abduction, but less effective in restoring the rotational component of opposition in these cases. The donor site was critically reviewed and found to be acceptable.(More)
Clinical examination revealed a swelling with normal appearing skin on the right side of the face localized to the maxilla. No cervical lymphadenopathy was noted and the mouth opening was normal. Oral examination revealed gross expansion of the right maxillary alveolar process and bulging of the hard palate. There was no tenderness on palpation. CT scan(More)
Bulandshahr district is characterised by six soil series depending upon their physio-chemical properties. In Bulandshahr district an attempt has been made to find out the suitability of major crops based on existing climatic and soil-site database. Land suitability is a function of crop requirement and land/soil characteristics. It is a prerequisite for(More)
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