Mohammad Alwakeel

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With the spread of the internet and networks, more people are relying on information sharing to research any subject. The number of Websites that are providing information on a single subject is huge. Some subjects and issues are somehow more sensitive to some people than others. However, there is no agreed upon mechanism for authenticating the content(More)
The number of reported incidents pertaining to websites attacks has been significantly increased. Websites which provides Islamic contents are no exception. Previously a general architecture of security protocol for websites authentication and content integrity has been planned, introduced and proposed. This paper presents a universal and inclusive(More)
Deployment of new radio technologies in the mobile world has been gaining momentum to satisfy the customers and applications appetite for improved spectral efficiency and higher data rates. LTE (Long Term Evolution) and LTE Advanced with an enhanced air interface and optimized packet data architecture (an all IP network) that envisioned to provide enhanced(More)
Autistic children often develop abnormal habits and in some cases they could be unsafe or even dangerous to themselves and their family members. Because of their limited speech ability, their inexperienced parents may underestimate their physical abilities compared to their intellectual level and may not realize that they could easily hurt themselves.(More)
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