Mohammad Alnaief

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CONTEXT In solid oral dosage forms silicates are commonly used as glidants in low concentration. However, due to their large specific surface area, silicates may also be used as carrier materials for drugs. Moreover, silicates allow amorphisation of drugs by co-grinding or processing with supercritical fluids. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to(More)
The potential of hydrophilic aerogel formulations and liquisolid systems to improve the release of poorly soluble drugs was investigated using griseofulvin as model drug. The in vitro release rates of this drug formulated as directly compressed tablets containing crystalline griseofulvin were compared to aerogel tablets with the drug adsorbed onto(More)
Supercritical fluid technology offers several advantages in preparation of microparticles. These include uniformity in particle size, morphology, and drug distribution without degradation of the product. One of the recent advantages is preparation of porous aerogel carrier with proper aerodynamic properties. In this study, we aimed to prepare chitosan(More)
Due to high surface area, low density, open pore structure and excellent insulation properties aerogels were intensively investigated in the past decades for diverse range of applications. The state of the art of aerogel production by supercritical drying is to produce monolithic aerogel, where the sol is aged in molds and dried by extraction with(More)
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