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Roboshark : a gantry pool player robot
Robots are coming to conquer new domains of everyday life. They are used in fields such as education, entertainment and housekeeping more than ever. Roboshark, a gantry robot capable of playing pool
Electromagnetic Scattering by 2-D PEC Cylinder of General Cross Section Under $\text {TM}^{z}$ Illumination
A semianalytical method is presented for the evaluation of scattered fields from arbitrarily shaped 2-D Perfect Electric Conductor (PEC) scatterers under TMz wave incidence. Surface equivalence
Electromagnetic Multiple PEC Object Scattering Using Equivalence Principle and Addition Theorem for Spherical Wave Harmonics
A novel domain decomposition procedure is presented to analyze the electromagnetic wave multiple scattering among separate PEC objects. The method is based on the equivalence principle algorithm
Electromagnetic scattering from an arbitrarily shaped PEC object coated by spherical dielectric material using equivalence principle algorithm
Abstract A new method is presented for the analysis of electromagnetic scattering from arbitrarily shaped PEC object coated by homogeneous spherical dielectric material. The analysis of the internal
A Novel Reciprocity Based Theory for Extraction of Scattered Field under Plane Wave Incidence from that of Near-field Illumination
ABSTRACT A novel theory based on the reciprocity theorem is presented for computing the plane wave scattered field of an arbitrary target, from its scattered field due to near-field illumination. The
Application of Equivalence Principle for EM Scattering From Irregular Array of Arbitrarily Oriented PEC Scatterers Using Both Translation and Rotation Addition Theorems
Electromagnetic scattering from irregular array of arbitrarily oriented PEC scatterers is investigated using a novel domain decomposition method based on equivalence principle algorithm (EPA) in