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Recent research has indicated that the malaria burden in Asia may have been vastly underestimated. We conducted a prospective community-based study in an impoverished urban site in Kolkata, India, to estimate the burden of malaria and typhoid fever and to identify risk factors for these diseases. In a population of 60452 people, 3605 fever episodes were(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the global burden of cholera using population-based incidence data and reports. METHODS Countries with a recent history of cholera were classified as endemic or non-endemic, depending on whether they had reported cholera cases in at least three of the five most recent years. The percentages of the population in each country that(More)
Histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis or Kikuchi disease is a rare entity; furthermore, its association with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) was only described in 11 patients in seven reports in the world literature. As the disease affects young women and manifests as a systemic illness associated with lymphadenopathy (usually cervical), the importance(More)
BACKGROUND The burden of shigellosis is greatest in resource-poor countries. Although this diarrheal disease has been thought to cause considerable morbidity and mortality in excess of 1,000,000 deaths globally per year, little recent data are available to guide intervention strategies in Asia. We conducted a prospective, population-based study in six Asian(More)
We propose two model-based threat assessment methods for semi-autonomous vehicles, i.e., human-driven vehicles with autonomous driving capabilities. Based on information about the surrounding environment, we introduce a set of constraints on the vehicle states, which are satisfied under “safe” driving conditions. Then, we formulate the threat(More)
Obesity and related metabolic disorders affect vascular endothelial function. The use of the Dynamic Vessel Analyzer (DVA) represents a modern methodological approach to analyze vascular function in the retinal microcirculation. Whether the dynamic reaction to flicker stimulation in retinal vessels is altered in obese subjects is investigated. Retinal(More)
OBJECTIVE To inform policy-makers about introduction of preventive interventions against typhoid, including vaccination. METHODS A population-based prospective surveillance design was used. Study sites where typhoid was considered a problem by local authorities were established in China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Viet Nam. Standardized clinical,(More)
BACKGROUND Decisions about the use of killed oral cholera vaccines, which confer moderate levels of direct protection to vaccinees, can depend on whether the vaccines also provide indirect (herd) protection when high levels of vaccine coverage are attained. We reanalysed data from a field trial in Bangladesh to ascertain whether there is evidence of(More)
BACKGROUND Although advances in rehydration therapy have made cholera a treatable disease with low case-fatality in settings with appropriate medical care, cholera continues to impose considerable mortality in the world's most impoverished populations. Internationally licensed, killed whole-cell based oral cholera vaccines (OCVs) have been available for(More)