Mohammad Ali Mazlomi

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Cancer is the second cause of death in 2015, and it has been estimated to surpass heart diseases as the leading cause of death in the next few years. Several mechanisms are involved in cancer pathogenesis. Studies have indicated that proteases are also implicated in tumor growth and progression which is highly dependent on nutrient and oxygen supply. On the(More)
Dysregulated Wnt signaling pathway is highly associated with the pathogenesis of several human cancers. Dickkopf proteins (DKKs) are thought to inhibit Wnt signaling pathway through binding to lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP) 5/6. In this study, based on the 3-dimensional (3D) structure of DKK3 Cys-rich domain 2 (CRD2), we have designed and(More)
The most common techniques of antibody phage display are based on the use of M13 filamentous bacteriophages. This study introduces a new genetically engineered M13K07 helper phage displaying multiple copies of a known gold binding peptide on p8 coat proteins. The recombinant helper phages were used to rescue a phagemid vector encoding the p3 coat protein(More)
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