Mohammad Ali Masnadi-Shirazi

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Designing optimal filer banks for subband coding applications has recently attracted considerable attention [1]-[5]. In particular, the authors have developed an adaptive algorithm based on stochastic gradient descent (SGD) that enables one to optimize two channel paraunitary filter banks in an on-line fashion [3]. The idea has also been extended to the(More)
Non-quadratic regularization based image formation is a recently proposed framework for feature-enhanced radar imaging. Specific image formation techniques in this framework have so far focused on enhancing one type of feature, such as strong point scatterers, or smooth regions. However, many scenes contain a number of such feature types. We develop an(More)
—The analysis of expression and facial Action Units (AUs) detection are very important tasks in fields of computer vision and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) due to the wide range of applications in human life. Many works has been done during the past few years which has their own advantages and disadvantages. In this work we present a new model based on(More)