Mohammad Ali Hajebrahimi

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AIMS To determine the effect of different glucose categories on incident cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all-cause mortality in a population-based cohort. METHODS A total of 834 individuals aged 65 years and older without a history of CVD at baseline were stratified according to 2-h post-load glucose fasting glucose test into six categories including:(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the impact of silent coronary artery disease (CAD), in different levels of glucose regulation at baseline, i.e., those with normal fasting glucose/normal glucose tolerance (NFG/NGT), pre-diabetic and newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus (NDM), on cardiovascular disease (CVD) and total mortality in Iranian populations. METHODS The(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of combinations of blood pressure and glucose tolerance status on cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. A total of 7619 participants aged ⩾30 years old were stratified to nine categories as follows: (1) normotension (NTN) and normal glucose tolerance (NGT) (reference group), (2) NTN and pre-diabetes(More)
AIMS To examine the incidence of and risk factors for insulin resistance and β-cell dysfunction in a representative Iranian population over a median follow-up of 9.2 years. METHODS In total, 3662 people (1528 men) without known diabetes with a baseline homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) level < 75th percentile and, when β-cell(More)
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