Mohammad Ali Ahmadi

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Self-compacting concrete (SCC), a new kind of high performance concrete (HPC) have been first developed in Japan in 1986. The development of SCC has made casting of dense reinforcement and mass concrete convenient, has minimized noise. Fresh self-compacting concrete (SCC) flows into formwork and around obstructions under its own weight to fill it completely(More)
High strength concrete has been used in situations where it may be exposed to elevated temperatures. Numerous authors have shown the significant contribution of polypropylene fiber to the spalling resistance of high strength concrete. When cement-based composite that reinforced by polypropylene fibers heated up to 170 °C, polypropylene fibers readily melt(More)
The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how Fuzzy Decision Tree (FDT), which is an automatic method of generating fuzzy rules, can predict the flow rate, as a vital parameter in order to design the necessary wellhead production facilities, of an under saturated Iranian petroleum reservoir. Because of the special thermo dynamical conditions of the(More)
Miscible gas injection processes are among the effective methods for enhanced oil recovery. A key parameter in the design of gas injection project is the minimum miscibility pressure (MMP), whereas local displacement efficiency from gas injection is highly dependent on the MMP. Because experimental determination of MMP is very expensive and timeconsuming,(More)
Multiphase flow meters (MPFMs) are utilized to provide quick and accurate well test data in numerous numbers of oil production applications like those in remote or unmanned locations topside exploitations that minimize platform space and subsea applications. Flow rates of phases (oil, gas and water) are most important parameter which is detected by MPFMs.(More)