Mohammad Ali Afshari

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BACKGROUND Solid organ transplantation patients are at high risk for opportunistic air-borne fungal infections due to using the potent immunosuppressive agents. OBJECTIVES The current study aimed to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the fungal flora present in the air of Kidney transplant unit of Baqiyatallah hospital. MATERIALS AND METHODS In(More)
Today in economic environment that has several systems with different dimensions management of organization growingly focuses on evaluation of costeffectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of organizational operation; operational auditing is used as a tool for such assessment. It necessitates in competitive environments that managers to lead the affairs(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Dermatophytes possess a wide array of virulence factors and various antifungal susceptibility patterns which influence their pathogenesis in humans and animals. The aim of this study was to evaluate antifungal susceptibility and keratinase and proteinase activity of 49 dermatophyte strains from the genera Microsporum, Trichophyton(More)
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