Mohammad Alaee

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In this paper we propose a new denoising method of RADAR reflected signals. Using signal processing techniques such as the short-time Fourier transform (STFT) and the chirplet transform, various parameters of signal can be extract. In this paper we can obtain the signal's parameter by using the chirplet transformation as a tool to denoise the signals. We(More)
in this paper we propose a probability density function for signal contaminated by sea and rain non-stationary clutter and noise. Afterward, using the proposed pdf we estimated unknown parameters and using Hilbert transform and obtain an analytical signal to pass its imaginary part through a designed Hilbert filter. In the cell under test, we compare(More)
This paper deals with simulation and implementation of the FFT algorithm in TMS 320C6713 as a radar signal processor unit. Furthermore it has provided a new method for real-time implementation of the Fast Fourier Transform algorithm that is a very time consuming calculation, in most DSP processors. There also has been indicated a method for conducting(More)
In order to detect targets upon sea surface or near it, marine radars should be capable of distinguishing target reflections from the sea clutter. Our proposed method in this paper relates to detection of dissimilar marine targets in an inhomogeneous environment with clutter and non-stationary noises, and is based on adaptive thresholding determination(More)
In this paper we have taken advantages of precise orbit determination of satellite trajectories using offline simulations. Furthermore perturbation forces which make complex motion equations of satellites and cause more complicated satellites trajectories are simulated using Poisson and Lagrange brackets methods. Moreover perturbation forces effects in the(More)
In order to present a general structure for different maneuvers of targets, in this paper we have studied and simulated models implemented for targets trajectory in one, two and three-dimensional forms, for maneuvering and non-maneuvering targets. As an innovation, effects of detection and false alarm probabilities have been applied to simulations and are(More)
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