Mohammad Al Mamun

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Similar to most populations, South Asian countries are also witnessing the dramatic transitions in health during the last few decades with the major causes of adverse health shifting from a predominance of nutritional deficiencies and infectious diseases to chronic diseases such as cardio and cerebrovascular disease (CVD). We summarized the available(More)
INTRODUCTION We studied Facebook groups related to hypertension to characterize their objectives, subject matter, member sizes, geographical boundaries, level of activity, and user-generated content. METHODS We performed a systematic search among open Facebook groups using the keywords "hypertension," "high blood pressure," "raised blood pressure," and(More)
The presence of comorbid physical illnesses especially, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in schizophrenia is a growing area of concern in recent years. In order to reduce disease burden, to improve quality of life and to provide holistic care, it is important to know about the relationship between schizophrenia and CVD. The objective of this review is to(More)
A cross sectional study was conducted to assess the microbiological quality of local food items vended by the school-based street food vendors in Dhaka City. A total of 80 schools from 19 school-zones of Dhaka City and its outskirts were chosen for the study. A total of 110 food samples, one each from 110 school-based street food vendors, were collected for(More)
We carried out a cross-sectional study to determine the level of knowledge and awareness regarding children's food safety issues among the school-based street food vendors in Dhaka city. A total of 250 school-based street food vendors were interviewed employing a pre-tested structured questionnaire comprising foodborne illness and food hygiene-related(More)
As a result of an epidemiological transition from communicable to non-communicable diseases for last few decades, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are being considered as an important cause of mortality and morbidity in many developing countries including Bangladesh. Performing an extensive literature search, we compiled, summarized, and categorized the(More)
Over one billion Muslims worldwide fast during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan fasting brings about some changes in the daily lives of practicing Muslims, especially in their diet and sleep patterns, which are associated with the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Over the years, many original studies have made the effort to identify the possible impact of the(More)
AIM To develop emerging diagnostic technique for bovine tuberculosis and to identify its potential risk factors. MATERIALS & METHODS Bacterial genomic DNA was isolated from bovine milk and human sputum samples and subjected to PCR using specific primer pairs. PCR results were validated using bacteriological cultures. RESULTS PCR amplification of the(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes is one of the most challenging chronic health conditions in the current era. Diabetes-related foot problems need proper patient education, and social media could a play role to disseminate proper information. METHOD A systematic search was performed on Facebook groups using the key words "diabetes foot care", "diabetes foot", "diabetes(More)
Diabetes foot care related videos were identified in YouTube to assess their usefulness as a source of information. Two physician reviewers evaluated the videos and categorized those as very-useful (11.2%), moderately-useful (14.6%), somewhat-useful (24.7%) and not-useful (49.4%). YouTube videos on diabetes foot-care contained a variety of content ranging(More)