Mohammad Al Mamun

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INTRODUCTION We studied Facebook groups related to hypertension to characterize their objectives, subject matter, member sizes, geographical boundaries, level of activity, and user-generated content. METHODS We performed a systematic search among open Facebook groups using the keywords "hypertension," "high blood pressure," "raised blood pressure," and(More)
Complement 3 is an important component of ascitic fluid total protein, which offers local defence against infection of the ascitic fluid. Hepatic synthesis of complement 3 as well as other proteins and their concentrations in ascitic fluid is significantly reduced in patients with advanced cirrhosis. The level of protein in ascitic fluid in cirrhotic(More)
The presence of comorbid physical illnesses especially, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in schizophrenia is a growing area of concern in recent years. In order to reduce disease burden, to improve quality of life and to provide holistic care, it is important to know about the relationship between schizophrenia and CVD. The objective of this review is to(More)
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