Mohammad Ahmadian

Razieh Khamutian1
Ali Fatehizadeh1
Faramarz Souri1
Marzieh Sadeghain1
Mahdiye Momenpour1
1Razieh Khamutian
1Ali Fatehizadeh
1Faramarz Souri
1Marzieh Sadeghain
1Mahdiye Momenpour
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Two series of modified oligonucleotides based on the self-complementary dodecamer d(CGCTAATTAGCG) were synthesized. The first contained the -C identical withCCH2R linker at C5 of deoxyuridine at position 4 (T*) of d(CGCT*AATTAGCG) and the second contained the -SR linker. The goal of the study was to evaluate and compare these two types of side chains for(More)
Due to complex composition of leachate, the comprehensive leachate treatment methods have been not demonstrated. Moreover, the improper management of leachate can lead to many environmental problems. The aim of this study was application of Fenton process for decreasing the major pollutants of landfill leachate on Kermanshah city. The leachate was collected(More)
Today, most parts of different nanotechnologies are growing and developing without any special rules and regulations. This could result in undesirable changes in the environment and affect workers in indoor and outdoor workplaces. Carbon-based nanoparticles, such as fullerenes, nanotubes, the oxides of metals such as iron and titanium, and natural inorganic(More)
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