Mohammad Ahmad

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This paper presents an equation-based resource utilization model for automatically generated discrete Fourier transform (DFT) soft core IPs. The parameterized DFT IP generator allows a user to make customized tradeoffs between cost and performance and between utilization of different resource classes. The equation-based resource model permits immediate and(More)
BACKGROUND Hypobaric hypoxia causes complex changes in the expression of genes, including stress related genes and corresponding proteins that are necessary to maintain homeostasis. Whereas most prior studies focused on single proteins, newer methods allowing the simultaneous study of many proteins could lead to a better understanding of complex and dynamic(More)
Exposure to high altitude induces physiological responses due to hypoxia. Lungs being at the first level to face the alterations in oxygen levels are critical to counter and balance these changes. Studies have been done analysing pulmonary proteome alterations in response to exposure to hypobaric hypoxia. However, such studies have reported the alterations(More)
BACKGROUND Proteins destined to be Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchored are translocated into the ER lumen completely before the C-terminal GPI anchor attachment signal sequence (SS) is removed by the GPI-transamidase and replaced by a pre-formed GPI anchor precursor. Does the SS have a role in dictating the conformation and function of the protein(More)
Adaptation to hypobaric hypoxia is required by animals and human in several physiological and pathological situations. Hypobaric hypoxia is a pathophysiological condition triggering redox status disturbances of cell organization leading, via oxidative stress, to proteins, lipids, and DNA damage. Identifying the molecular variables playing key roles in this(More)
BACKGROUND Engineering microorganisms in order to improve the metabolite flux needs a detailed knowledge of the concentrations and flux rates of metabolites and metabolic intermediates in vivo. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) based genetically encoded nanosensors represent a promising tool for measuring the metabolite levels and corresponding(More)
BACKGROUND Updated estimates of measles case fatality rates (CFR) are critical for monitoring progress towards measles elimination goals. India accounted for 36% of total measles deaths occurred globally in 2011. We conducted a retrospective cohort study to estimate measles CFR and identify the risk factors for measles death in Bihar-one of the north Indian(More)
BACKGROUND The "gold standard" for assessing mucosal immunity after vaccination with poliovirus vaccines consists in measuring virus excretion in stool after challenge with oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV). This testing is time and resource intensive, and development of alternative methods is a priority for accelerating polio eradication. We therefore(More)
A leucine-rich protein, ARR19 (androgen receptor corepressor-19 kDa), is highly expressed in male reproductive organs and moderately in others. Previously, we have reported that ARR19 is differentially expressed in adult Leydig cells during the testis development and inhibits steroidogenesis by reducing the expression of steroidogenic enzymes. Whereas in(More)
Three methods for attribute reduction in conjunction with Neural Networks, Naive Bayes, and k-Nearest Neighbor clas-sifiers are investigated here when classifying a particularly challenging data set. The difficulty encountered with this data set is mainly due to the high dimensionality and to some in-balance between classes. As a result of this research, a(More)
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