Mohammad Afshar

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We report the design and validation of a fast empirical function for scoring RNA-ligand interactions, and describe its implementation within RiboDock, a virtual screening system for automated flexible docking. Building on well-known protein-ligand scoring function foundations, features were added to describe the interactions of common RNA-binding functional(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the rate of neural tube defects (NTDs) and their relation to gender, maternal age, consanguineous marriage, season, and drug consumption in Birjand, Iran. METHODS This research was carried out on 16,785 live or stillborn newborns in Birjand, Iran from April 1997 to December 2001. RESULTS The rate of NTDs was 2.97 per 1000. This(More)
To the best of our knowledge, this paper is the first attempt to for-malise a pragmatic logic of scientific discovery in a manner such that it can be realised by scientists assisted by machines. Using Institution Agents, we define a dialectic process to manage contradiction. This allows autoepistemic Institution Agents to learn from a supervised teaching(More)
— The paper attempts to give a formal framework to capture the entire process of scientific discovery including hypothesis formation, reasoning, identifying contradictions, peer reviewing, reformulating and so on. Data mining can be seen as one step in this complex process of interactive learning of an empirical theory This paper uses the terminology from(More)
BACKGROUND Hemorrhoid is one of the most common surgical diseases occurring in the anorectal region. In this study, we evaluated the effect of ischiorectal fossa block on alleviating post hemorrhoidectomy pain. METHODS In this study, 90 patients suffering from hemorrhoids were evaluated. They were randomly divided into 3 groups. The first group had no(More)
BACKGROUND The molecular events, following ischemia and reperfusion (I/R) of the liver during transplantation are largely unknown. There is evidence that apoptotic and necrotic events may take place, and occasionally result in primary graft dysfunction. We herein report two cases, where significant I/R injury correlated with the development of liver(More)
Background and Aim: Male infertility is increasing worldwide. There is now emerging evidence that nutritional status is regarded as a critical determinant of normal reproductive function. Hence, today, the role of dietary nutrition has attracted the attention of researchers. Thus, the present study was conducted to elucidate the effects of tail fat (TF)(More)
OBJECTIVE Silybum marianum has been used for centuries in herbal medicine for treatment of liver diseases. Currently, there is no data available on the possible effects of silymarin on fetal development. This study aimed to investigate the teratogenic effect of silymarin on BALB/c mice fetuses. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 40 pregnant mice were(More)
The goal of this study was to determine the effect of topical Emu oil on the healing of burn wounds and hair follicle restoration in superficial II-degree burns in the skin of Balb/c mice. Thirty-two male Balb/c mice with burns on the back of the neck were divided into two groups: The Emu oil group received topical Emu oil twice daily, whereas the control(More)