Mohammad Afshar

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INTRODUCTION University teachers are one of the main pillars of university and the quality of their performance must continuously and systematically be evaluated. This evaluation can be carried out in various ways. The aim of the present study was to survey and to compare the evaluation of faculty members in the medical school in Birjand University of(More)
BACKGROUND Hemorrhoid is one of the most common surgical diseases occurring in the anorectal region. In this study, we evaluated the effect of ischiorectal fossa block on alleviating post hemorrhoidectomy pain. METHODS In this study, 90 patients suffering from hemorrhoids were evaluated. They were randomly divided into 3 groups. The first group had no(More)
Diabetes mellitus is associated with cerebral alterations in both human and animal models of the disease. These alterations include abnormal expression of hypothalamic neuropeptides and hippocampal astrogliosis. Urtica dioica (Nettle) is among several species listed for their use against diabetes in folk medicine. The aim of this study was the evaluation of(More)
We report the design and validation of a fast empirical function for scoring RNA-ligand interactions, and describe its implementation within RiboDock, a virtual screening system for automated flexible docking. Building on well-known protein-ligand scoring function foundations, features were added to describe the interactions of common RNA-binding functional(More)
OBJECTIVES Hydatid cyst of the kidney is a very rare condition caused by the larval stage of Echinococcus granulosus. We report a case of isolated hydatid cyst of the kidney. METHODS A 32-year-old male patient presented with vague pain in the left lumbar region of 3 months' duration. Abdominal examination demonstrated a palpable mass in the left flank.(More)
BACKGROUND Carbamazepine is an antiepileptic drug used widely for the treatment of epileptic seizures and neuropathic pain. Several malformations in humans, mainly neural tube defects, have been reported as a consequence of its use during pregnancy. The association between maternal use of carbamazepine and congenital eye malformations is not very well(More)
Opinion formation and innovation diffusion have gained lots of attention in the last decade due to its application in social and political science. Control of the diffusion process usually takes place using the most influential people in the society, called opinion leaders or key players. But the opinion leaders can hardly be accessed or hired for spreading(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the rate of neural tube defects (NTDs) and their relation to gender, maternal age, consanguineous marriage, season, and drug consumption in Birjand, Iran. METHODS This research was carried out on 16,785 live or stillborn newborns in Birjand, Iran from April 1997 to December 2001. RESULTS The rate of NTDs was 2.97 per 1000. This(More)
To the best of our knowledge, this paper is the first attempt to formalise a pragmatic logic of scientific discovery in a manner such that it can be realised by scientists assisted by machines. Using Institution Agents, we define a dialectic process to manage contradiction. This allows autoepistemic Institution Agents to learn from a supervised teaching(More)
The paper attempts to give a formal framework to capture the entire process of scientific discovery including hypothesis formation, reasoning, identifying contradictions, peer reviewing, reformulating and so on. Data mining can be seen as one step in this complex process of interactive learning of an empirical theory This paper uses the terminology from(More)