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  • A Q M Khaliq, B A Wade, M Yousuf, J Vigo-Aguiar
  • 2007
A new family of numerical schemes for inhomogeneous parabolic partial differential equations is developed utilizing diagonal Padé schemes combined with positivity–preserving Padé schemes as damping devices. We also develop a split version of the algorithm using partial fraction decomposition to address difficulties with accuracy and computational efficiency(More)
A mobile museum guide robot is expected to establish a proper spatial formation with the visitors. After observing the videotaped scenes of human guide-visitors interaction at actual museum galleries, we have developed a mobile robot that can guide multiple visitors inside the gallery from one exhibit to another. The mobile guide robot is capable of(More)
Tracking of lung tumors is imperative for improved radiotherapy treatment. However, the motion of the thoracic organs makes it a complicated task. 4D CT images acquired prior to treatment provide valuable information regarding the motion of organs and tumor, since it is manually annotated. In order to track tumors using treatment-day X-ray images (kV(More)
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