Mohammad Abu Yousuf

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In this paper, a method for adaptive Canny edge detection algorithm is proposed. Adaptive Canny algorithm is used to increase the accuracy of output objects. In traditional Canny need to set two threshold values manually, so there are some defects to different images but this paper puts faorward an adaptive threshold values based on mean and median values.(More)
In this paper, a hardware system for adaptive Canny edge detection algorithm is designed and simulated for a 128 pixel, 8-bit monochrome linescan camera. The system is designed to detect objects as they move along a conveyor belt in a manufacturing environment, the camera observe dark objects on a light conveyor belt. Here adaptive Canny algorithm is used(More)
A mobile museum guide robot is expected to establish a proper spatial formation with the visitors. After observing the videotaped scenes of human guide-visitors interaction at actual museum galleries, we have developed a mobile robot that can guide multiple visitors inside the gallery from one exhibit to another. The mobile guide robot is capable of(More)
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