Mohammad Abu-Matar

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– Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has emerged as a model for distributed software development that promotes flexible deployment and reuse. Software product lines (SPL) promote reusable application development for product families. Service oriented systems change to respond to changing clients' requirements. As they change, service oriented systems can(More)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has emerged as a paradigm for distributed computing that promotes flexible deployment and reuse. However, SOA systems currently lack a systematic approach for managing variability in service requirements and design. Our paper addresses this problem by applying software product line (SPL) concepts to model SOA systems as(More)
Mobile Applications are rapidly emerging as a convenient medium for using a variety of services. Over time and with the high penetration of smartphones in society, self-adaptation has become an essential capability required by mobile application users. In an ideal scenario, an application is required to adjust its behavior according to the current context(More)
Cloud computing promotes economies of scale by sharing software and hardware resources across multiple tenants. To date, there has been relatively little research on how MDE can best support multi-tenant cloud applications , where there is a need to separate the logic and data of multiple tenants. In this position paper, we sketch out five key research(More)