Mohammad Abu Hamed

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The complexes formed between IE11 and Cd(II), Cr(III), Cu(II), Mn(II) and Pb(II) were identified and confirmed by IR, UV and pH-metric titration. The uptake behavior of porous silica modified with N-propylsalicylaldimine (IE11) and these metal ions were studied. Log k(d) was found to be within the range 2.19-5.16 depending on pH and time of stirring. IE11(More)
In this note we prove the existence of an inertial manifold, i.e., a global invariant, exponentially attracting, finite-dimensional smooth manifold, for two different sub-grid scale α-models of turbulence: the simplified Bardina model and the modified Leray-α model, in two-dimensional space. That is, we show the existence of an exact rule that parameterizes(More)
The efficiency of crystal growth in alloys is limited by the morphological instability, which is caused by a positive feedback between the interface deformation and the diffusive flux of solute at the front of the phase transition. Usually this phenomenon is described in the framework of the normal diffusion equation, which stems from the linear relation(More)
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