Mohammad Abdullatif

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Digital image watermarking techniques have been developed widely in recent years to maintain the broadcasting media and content authentication, broadcast monitoring, copy control, and many other applications. Therefore, many studies have used digital image watermarking to solve these problem. This paper highlights digital image watermarking. It starts with(More)
This paper proposes a robust digital image watermarking techniques by using discrete wavelet transform. The watermark is embedded in 2-level diagonal coefficient to achieve high performance in term of imperceptibility. The watermark is embedded by selecting a seed that generating pseudorandom noise sequence. Then the Watermark is extracted back by using the(More)
Fetomaternal hemorrhage refers to the entry of fetal blood into the maternal circulation before or during delivery. Very small amount of fetal red cells are normally detectable in all pregnancies. Massive fetomaternal bleed is very rare and even rarer is the resultant severe anemia causing early neonatal death, despite an uneventful normal pregnancy until(More)
The H-index is gaining popularity as a way of measuring the research impact of an academic paper. However, it has been criticized because it gives all citations equal weight. Citation classification can solve this criticism by categorising citations based on the purpose or function of the citation. An important element for performing citation classification(More)
Citation classification is the task of assigning a category to a reference or citation. The current sets of categories or classes proposed in the literature vary in size and they are based on the analysis of a small sample of citation sentences. We are developing a process to automatically generate such categories and base them on the analysis of a large(More)
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