Mohammad Abdolshah

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Process Capability Indices (PCIs) are appropriate tools in order to measure the inherent capability of a process. In statistical process control, there are some uncertainties in data, such as uncertain specification limits and data. In these cases, fuzzy logic can be employed to manage the uncertainties. There are some researches about fuzzy process(More)
Six Sigma has been a powerful and successful tool in manufacturing industries to reduce rate of rejects and to enhance productivity. The service industries are diversified and the features are different from manufacturing industries. Thus, the use of Six Sigma in service industries and its benefits are limited to some specific types of services like health(More)
Many process capability indices have been proposed to measure process performance and sometimes companies do not know which process capability index is more sensitive and suitable. One of the main points of process capability indices is how much they take into account process variability, departure of the process mean from the target value, and proportion(More)
Process capability indices such as Cp, Cpk, Cpu and Cpl are common metrics to evaluate and predict the performance of a process. Although higher process capability indices indicate higher process “quality”, but a high quality process does not necessarily guarantee the fewer rates of rejects. Therefore, a process capability index based on rate of rejects or(More)
Nowadays safety at workstations is so important for managers and they try to ensure that workstations meet minimum requirements. There are some research about using FMEA (Failure mode and effects analysis) to increase the safety at work especially in food industries and hospitals, but all of them have concentrated on safety in special points of view and(More)
Purpose of this study is to define a novel process capability analysis regarding to loss function. Loss functions such as Taguchi loss functions, assess the process losses, but this function do not distinguish real harmful loss. So in this study an improved Taguchi loss function method is constructed. Then regarding to this new function a novel process(More)
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